Sunday, March 18, 2012

Buy me some roses

I had a very busy weekend.

I took the little A5 sketch above,
and painted it on a two panel screen
that was 170cm wide and almost two and a half metres tall

The piece is a combination of charcoal and acrylic paint
(I almost never use acrylic,
but I have been working on some experiments lately...)
I normally wark at A4-A3, so I was a little nervous about how it would all turn out!

Scroll down to see a couple of work in progress shots and the finished piece...



  1. love your illustrations!


    a lovely mixed bag.

  2. Beautiful!! I might soon be relocating to the Melbourne area so I love following your blog :)

  3. Hi Emma! I just discovered you through Pinterest and I could only smile when I read your presentation. I also draw mostly girls, with a melancholic aspect... but no eyes in their faces and no other features either... I would be very glad to receive your visit in my space, so I could introduce you my girls. I will be following yours...

    kiss from Barcelona, Spain.