Tuesday, December 7, 2010

fit enough?

The Fit To Print exhibition opens tomorrow night
at No Vacancy gallery at the QV in Melbourne
and my About A Girl print will be there!
She will be available as a
limited edition 11x16" giclee print,
but enough about me,
there will be over 40 other artists (see below!)
with prints for sale at $20.oo-$200.oo
and it will run until Christmas Eve.

Adriana Bernardo | Andrea Innocent | Ann Gee Neo |
Aramas Ridge | Belinda Kemp | Ben Carollo |
Bonsai |Beastman | Brooke Williams |
Caitlin Sherwood | Cat Rabbit |Cat Macinnes |
Catherine Campbell | Charotte Lance | Cougar Flashy |
Edouard Mouy | Elise Hurst | Eugenia Tsimiklis |
Eveline Tarunadjaja |Fee Harding aka Burntfeather |
Gary Seaman | Gemma Jones | George Whelan |
ghostpatrol | Glen Smith | Hayley O'Connor |
Heesco | Jake Stollery |
Jennifer Cossins aka Red Parka |
Jeremy Ley | Jessica Tremp | Jessica Charlotte |
Jessica McCausland | Joel Zika | Kaitlin Beckett |
Katherine Hepworth | Katie Houghton-Ward |
Katja Mouvlin | Keren Dobia | Lashna Tuschewski |
Lauz Rigbye | Lazerfist | Leif Podhajsky |
Leigh Rubin | Liesl Pfeffer | Mark Silipo |
Max Plumley | Michael Fikaris | Michael Hawkins |
Miso | Natasha Sim | Nathaniel Kiwi |
Niels Oeljten | Noah Seldom | Raph Banks |
Ria Green |Robot Academy | Ruby Aitken |
Sally Shand aka Ragdoll Illustrations |
Sarah Mair | Sarah Hankinson | Scizzorface |
Sera Hocquard |Simon Attwooll | Steph Pryor |
Sylvia Jeffriess |Tom Vincent | Toni-Anne Dowd |
TWOONE | Vidad Narayan

Speaking of the lady above,
she's also tucked away quite nicely in

She gets around this one.

nice to finally meet you!

There's a new little lady
hanging about in my neighborhood.
If you would like to take her home
just pay my etsy store a vist,
she's available in two sizes, 8x10" & 5x7".

what a dork.

I never thought the day would come
when I would be jealous of a rabbit's outfit.
Sure, their little cotton tails are nice
and their fur is so super soft
that I wouldn't mind it around my neck,
but this is out of hand.